Sunday, April 1, 2012


 Well things are going really well.  For this I am grateful.  I feel I should update.  Here's the too much info part, for any women out there post chemo, I had another menstrual cycle, eighteen days after the first one I had post chemo.  It may take time for my body to regulate, or I'm, well who really knows.  If it get's to out of hand I'll check into it, I plan on getting my hormone's checked anyway, though I don't believe those tests to be all that reliable unless done like daily or something, that's just my take.  Still it would lend some insight, seems the ranges are to broad.... enough of that part.
  Yesterday I think it was, I was pondering what I've learned out of all this, that kind of thing.  Then I felt old, and said so aloud to myself, basically as if that's one major thing I have come to see.    And then last night I went out and danced really a lot, it was so what I needed, to just dance.  It's a part of me, I've loved to dance for years, and years, so that was really great.  The "old" feeling dissipated..yay!
  I did see someone I've known for years, he's quite a bit older, anyway I had seen him at the cancer center but wasn't sure it was him until his name was called.  Anyway, I very briefly said hellos in passing and then later felt rude, but the very last thing I wanted to do was talk about cancer.  I am so burnt out on it.  Maybe another time, I know it's an assumption on my part he'd want to talk about that, but I wasn't taking any chances.  Not while I was out trying to have fun....

  So anyway, I'm still not sure what I've learned in it's entirety, or what it's all been for, but I do know this, I am not old, and even if I was, age is just a number, I have to keep dancing, and living.....also I was going through this really feeling boxed in for different reasons, but I want to and am choosing to believe that with God anything and all things are possible, and I am grateful!  oh yeah, still sober... it feels good, though oh how I love to party.... haha :)  fun pictures, great bands, wonderful people!! <3 love you and thanks for reading <3 <3 <3  it's early, I'm lazy, I was going to attach pics...but they are up on facebook, if you wish to look :) this song....


  1. i think we will ALWAYS be young at matter how "old" we are, (but maybe only if we keep on dancing) ! i love ya and am excited to be able to call my body old with you! ;)

  2. Peace dwells in this child. Wise words to share for all those here, and those yet to come. You have found strength! In light, peace to you.