Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blogger is annoyingly improved!  Anyway, I don't know if I wrote this here, but my scan came back clear!!! I am so relieved.  I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and my blood work looked good.  Also, I had forgotten but apparently I am considered in remission, until 5 clear years have passed.  I am very grateful too be doing so well.  My hair is growing, it is still very short, but yay it's growing!!!  I overall am doing well.  My body is still regulating hormone wise but that will take some time I believe.  I also learned yesterday how to do a breast exam as I never really paid attention though it's beyond simple, learned at one time and forgotten.  Life is moving along, it is nice that there is life after an event of this magnitude in ones life.  Also, I just started taking biotin in addition to a liquid calcium type supplement for your hair, skin and bones I think it is.  I take other vitamins as well, mainly to get my hair to grow more quickly.  I would do research on this for yourself to see what is best for you.  I just wanted to update that all is well.
  I do think of my friend that passed recently and other people that are struggling.  My prayers go out to you, or them, or both, you know what I mean.  Thanks for all the love and support.  <3


  1. Glad to hear things are continuing to get better. Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. my momma takes boitin and her nails are like superwomans nails! i'm sure your hair will grow like superwomans hair ')

  3. Speedy recovery little miss!