Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Scan scheduled for Friday

  The woman I know passed away yesterday.  Her faith was strong, and I don't believe she was scared.  Every life story is different.  Anyway, as I talked to her, while she was asleep, I told her I'd get that scan, (among tons of other things I said) I was there for many hours, I should have been more available, or tried harder while she was alive, but all things fall together as they are suppose to, she made an impact on me.  Anyway, she is better now I believe.
   So I would have gotten the scan anyway, but I was freaking out about it a bit, so now I'm doing it, just facing my fears.  This is the pet scan, they inject you with the glucose I think it is, wait about 45 minutes or so?  Then get the scan, I also have to see the doctor again, within the next couple weeks, which I will do, get a lab done.  Yay, keep on trucking..... :)

My mother always says a proverb I think it is... "Go straight to the heart of the fire, for there you will find safety"

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