Friday, March 8, 2013

All is looking good!

  Today was a nerve wracking visit of course.  I did go upstairs and see the nurses, they seemed happy.  My gratitude outweighs my fear.  Not my fave place to revisit, but just the same I wanted to see one nurse in particular... She was in fact working downstairs today... I saw her, we hugged, chatted, it was great...

I had a mini-cry fest waiting for the results in the docs office, once I was in the back.  At one point I said to the nurse something along the line, of look this isn't like waiting for my gynecologist... she quickly went to grab the person who has worked with me all this time....

When she came in she was talking about the sheet I had filled out with current symptoms, in less than a minute I snapped about the labs..... Everything looked good, a low count on some cells, but nothing concerning.

Though it's been over a year, 13 months or so, it is not simple to go to those appointments, and the idea of doing it for the next four or however many doesn't sound enticing, but I am very grateful that I am well today.  <3 <3 <3

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