Friday, March 8, 2013

Another Update and Labs Today

  Hey, I haven't written since I had my scan in November which was clear!  In under an hour I go for follow up blood work.  These appointments are nerve wracking and though I love the people who work there, I just want to never have to go back.  Remission lasts for five years, then I am considered a survivor, well I've gone into my philosophy on that topic. I am a survivor!!!  Anyway,  I just wanted to throw up an update, and will of course edit this later or post again saying all is well... :)

I am thinking of going up into the nurses station and saying hi, I haven't been back up there since my last chemo treatment.  They are wonderful, and I would like to say thank you (again, I'm pretty sure I've said it)..... eek but I don't like the idea of going in there..... See how I feel, I hate seeing people sick with that jazz.....

Oh and about my hair... I will post again after it's lightened, with a pic.... and... life is great!!! Love you guys!!!


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