Friday, February 10, 2012


  So that port removal didn't hurt besides the shots to numb the area, or that's what I thought, lol.  And those hurt, but I was wrong, I'm not such a trooper.  I seriously have felt like I have a gunshot wound (I don't know what a gunshot wound feels like, but I'm just near positive this is in the semi-ballpark, ...maybe, ) since the shots wore off last night.  That definitely hurts, and is hurting.  I didn't want to misrepresent if someone with cancer reads this and thought it doesn't end up hurting.  I'm not sure if I stretched the area out or something, but it is not comfortable.  So between dealing with a light pain patch that wore off and the port removal last night, I didn't sleep much.  The realization that oh yeah they cut into your skin, that's got to hurt, hit me later than sooner.
   just thought I'd give a little fyi update....whining about that ;)


  1. Mica, I just spent the last couple of hours reading all of this and I just have to say that your strength is amazing to me! I am very proud of you. Cheers to being cancer free!!!!!

  2. Aaah thanks for reading :) and yes I'm stoked to be cancer free for sure! I hope your life is going really well Lisa, I've missed you <3 hugs