Friday, February 24, 2012

Detox and a happier day :)

  In this moment I feel better, thank God!!!  I see now that this will be an ongoing process.  I read up on chemo chemicals and they are in your body 6-8 weeks post last chemo treatment.  And I'm sure the affect of the junk lasts even longer.  Since I am not drinking and done with chemo I decided to buy some detox teas.  There are some really high dollar cleanses, but I'm not into it.  Some are good I believe and others gimmicky.
   Anyway, also this is common sense which I read, it's important to drink lots of water and try and make your plates of food look like the color of the rainbow.  This can be difficult at times most definitely, but I'm doing what I can bit by bit.
  I also bought some liquid calcium magnesium so I can hopefully start sleeping better.  That is a product I have sworn by for multiple reasons for some time now.  I feel good about these purchases and didn't spend a ton.  I could have bought independent herb teas that may have packed a different detox punch, but anything I do right now I want to be a gentle approach.
  I also read exercise is good for chemo detox, which I have been doing, though not very hard this week as I've been so tired.  If you have cancer, or are post cancer like me and are reading this, I'd recommend doing your own research of course.  I have to be careful because I can freak myself out, and honestly for me too much information can  get in my head, I don't care for that.
  It feels good to be proactive and do what I can, bit by bit.  Juicing is also really great (recommended), and I have a juicer, but I want to get filters for the inside so it cleans easier.  That may sound so lazy, but it's too tedious to clean.  I still have my Vitamix, and I need to get back into my spinach, etc smoothie habit.  I find I will eat more veggie's if I can drink them.  I did that a lot during chemo, but I'm not sure how much it helps as I believe chemo blows everything good and bad out of it's path.  I probably could have been eating cardboard, and it would have been fine, haha jk...
  Here was some good news, someone that lives nearby with cancer said his is 97% gone!!!  Which is great, he explained the details, and as I parted ways I said I'd pray for him.
  It seems that kind of a lot has happened of late, but I'm doing better today.  I so needed a good day, and am glad I had this one.    :)


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