Thursday, December 15, 2011


  I have this great picture of my black cat sitting in/on my wheat grass, but am having difficulty retrieving the pic.  Anyway she was up on the shelf in the wheat grass tray lounged on out and completely smashing the grass.  I cut it and washed it anyway for use.  They have been crazed for the wheat's been a challenge.
   So, last week was not fun at all, most of it anyhow.  I wrote about that.  Two more treatments before my pet scan which is scheduled for next month!!!  I can't believe that it is already scheduled.  The last time I got a pet scan, the only time, I threw a bit of a fit.  The machine is in a neighboring town, in a sort of truck outside, that feels sort of like space craft, or maybe an airplane.  They shoot a bit of radio active (is that what I mean, radio active?) glucose into your system and you wait in the dark, "relaxing".  I believe at that point I was sick of procedures, I was waiting for the tech to finish with a man in the machine, the whole thing was odd..... Then it was my turn.
  I look up at the calendar and the note for these upcoming dates, and I wish this first part of it all (chemo) could be summed up by those bits of paper.  I so want to get excited for that, but I know in this life how it can go.  There is a book I read, about vibration and spirituality, and really I should be raising the vibe that this segment will be done, get really excited about it, I want to, yet still I hesitate a bit.
  The next segment being radiation, the time frame will depend, I want to move onto that asap.....skip all that time frame talk for now...My oncologist this week seemed please with my cell count, seems at this point some people need a blood transfusion.
  I shouldn't, but of late I have been so fatigued at times I have taken to drinking triple shot Americano's and the like.  Too much coffee for me, but it seems necessary, I get sick of feeling tired.  I am also sick of hot flashes, for one of the first years that I can remember I really love stepping outside into the cold winter air.  It's so refreshing and nice.
  I have spent time lately with varied friends, and I love the time we have been spending together.  A couple nights ago I found myself with people, that hadn't all been together in years, with myself present, it was really great, so many years ago we all use to spend tons of time together....and other people as well I have spent time with.  I am grateful for this time.  My writing is skittery as I had too mas caffeine today...but you get the point if your even still reading....Speaking of that I can tell that people are reading besides the ones that tell me, because of a number tracker thing that's on blogger.
  There is quite a lot I could ramble on about, basically I'm excited because today I got the info on when my pet scan is and the following appointment.
   It's interesting, there were a handful of personal things that I wanted to work on before all this, then when I was diagnosed I didn't want to at all, and then time went by, and by happenstance and then desire I ended up working on those personal things and continue to do so, I wonder if I would be working on them as diligently if all this hadn't happened.
Since I know this is a chapter in my life, I have to believe there will be more chapters and I would like to be ready for them, as ready as one can be.....


  1. keep up doing great work! keep on working on your personal stuff & well being. New Year will bring new things & adventures. you doing great!

  2. Continue your spiritual walk...your message is strong!