Sunday, December 4, 2011

To A Craigslist Shopper

(This is an email response to a seemingly flaky individual)
"You don't realize this but I think I will share it so that we can all learn how much we affect each other.  You agreed to meet me at two, and my family wanted me to go eat and spend time with them.  You also don't realize I have Hodgkin's lymphoma and have two days left before chemo.  I won't feel all that hot after chemo.... so the chain of events is that I sat here and waited for you because I trust people to do what they say, and/ or call/email.  I missed a nice family moment.  And I arranged to cut you a deal....and you disregarded me as a human being completely.....

Perhaps you got in a wreck or something..... for that I would be terribly sorry, and retract my above statement, because naturally you couldn't call me.  I am thinking though that somehow you could have connected with your iphone that I am receiving emails from..... To verify that my cancer story isn't bogus I will send you the link...... 

Merry Christmas.....from someone who was going to cut you a deal and waited a good hour for you.  Your a no show, and it affects me.  We all affect each other.  Oh and btw no snow on the ground, so the driving is easy....... so I really wonder, what you would say for yourself........ Courtesy please, I don't mention my having cancer (at 32 years old) to make you feel bad.... only so that you can see my extra time is precious between treatments, and I'd much rather be spending it with the people I love then waiting for you!  Have a Merry Christmas"

This email is reposted here, because I am so tired of how inconsiderate people are with my time.... I have had it.  This wasn't over money, not much involved at all....That is so not the point.... the point is, why the fuck don't people use the phone, or send an email..... this day all in all hasn't been good anyway, this was just another thing... but I most definitely could have used the time with family...  And it also is to reflect how we are all affected by each other, to remind me, that a stranger can have an impact in my life, and then others, and so on and so forth.  As well as my actions can do the same.... Thanks Craigslist Shopper

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