Thursday, January 19, 2012


  Ahh I am at peace now.  Too make a long story semi-short, I talked to one of the doctors here in town, where I go.  He feels confident that I'll be fine in doing ten treatments.  I can rest easy now, and stop ping ponging in my mind.  This feels SO GOOD!!!!
   I am excited to move on with my life.  That's it :)


  1. and i'm honored to grow older with you!!! cheers to life, cheers to inspiration, CHEERS TO YOU for being strong!

  2. I was just smiling as I saw you are on here up in the corner, and our pic, thank you so much, I love you tons girl!!! I am honored to grow older with you also :)

  3. ...and peace fills her heart! God speed to a healthy recovery. To all those here and those yet to come, a new chapter begins. Peace reigns...