Monday, October 24, 2011

Anticipating semimonthly shot and likely amenorrhoea -

  Oh how sweet it is, this life.  It really is.  Anyway I am anticipating the shot I get every 2 weeks, the 2+ hours of chemo and all that isn't so fun, but hey my mom and I watched "Beaches," last time lol.  I haven't done chemo enough to know how to plan my life around it yet, and at a certain point I may be really, fatigued.  Anyway timing when that shot will kick in, what day, I haven't gotten down.  I have no idea how it works, but it's suppose to up white blood cells.  Hopefully the timing gets consistent.  This will be number 3 so maybe I'll begin to learn how this is going to go, nausea, fatigue and aching will perhaps get on a routine of their own.  It's one of my best girl's birthdays this weekend and I want to go play!!!  As well as go to dinner with a friend....I'll wait and see, that's all I can do.  I just had another thought, she said my chemo won't be worse than the first one, that one was bad, sick I was!  Fatigue increases as this goes on. I hope the first style one never happens again.  Also it won't be too long before I get a cat scan to make sure this chemo mix is working, she's pretty sure it is, it has to be doing something or I'd be sick, skip that.
  Ok, so I was leaving my Oncologists office, and talking about the sterility that occurs in about half of women doing chemo. (clarify, some types of chemo)  And she laughingly talks about how I'll be going through menopause, or women do or something. (I titled this with the word amenorrhoea, menopause was a bit much for the title....same thing.)
   I didn't think to much of it, and then thought yesterday, wtf.. was she saying I'm going to literally go through it and then bam that's it.  I told myself I was done with research, but I jumped on the computer for that one.  Seems the medical field doesn't know much, but that you can experience menopause and then be sterile, or many months, (year?) later start ovulating again.  The reading was nearly archaic in my opinion.  Point being it can be permanent or not, and age is a factor, and maybe the type of chemo is too.  I think that's right.....(I put that video below in here, I love this track, but it's not suppose to be there, but at the bottom oh well.....)
  Ridiculous! I read the symptoms for "the change" to refresh my memory.  The good news is I experience most of those symptoms anyway due to pmdd. I know, too much info.  Oh also cycles are affected,  I won't go into all of that....I'll have to rely on hot flashes to know I suppose.  Hmm what I wonder, is if it's not permanent, and I resume my regular patterns, then does that mean I go through menopause twice?  that would be SO not right.........


  1. The Oncologist today claims that isn't how it is referred to or what it is, but I figure if your period stops for a long period then starts then years later stops, how is that not menopause twice? If I don't get one hot flash then I may agree with her, lol