Thursday, October 20, 2011

Me in a wig~

The first picture is a picture from one of the last modeling gigs I did a few months ago.....taken by David Tucker of Imagine Studios
The second is me in a wig!  too crazy huh? Since I do freelance modeling here and there, this is the longest in awhile it's been since I've had my pic taken...I put both up to show anyone I may not know  what I look like overall....(well I guess I don't run around in cocktail dresses, really, like ever, lol.. but still!
Kevin Wynne my friend took it while we were at Sushi......


  1. Apparently you always look great no matter what the situation and I like the wig :)

  2. Ahh thanks! that is very kind :)

  3. im glad you liked the pic!!!! turned out pretty awesome!!!

  4. Is this the taker of the pic commenting? did a great job :)