Friday, October 21, 2011

~Funny things to do with your head~

  If someone with the same diagnosis actually finds this blog after my pinging & registering in different sections, I will continue to be real about this big C I've got, & I also want to have fun with it in my writing.  So here are some funny things, little stories, I'll post more later....(btw I don't even get pinging really)

Ok, when I was stressing losing my hair, my mom and I sat around and cracked jokes about different things I could do with my head...of course wigs were my plan, but we thought of other funny ideas

1. I thought it would be funny to stick a pom pom on my head and walk around with the handle sticking up.
2. We also thought it would be cool to draw hair on my head with a black marker, like Betty Boop, draw curls around my face with a sharpie, but then I commented on how if I started sweating the ink would run.
3. Remember the lowercase m I got tattooed on the back of my neck? my impulsive first tattoo the first day out of the hospital, I thought I could get I, C, A, tattooed up in a line over my head, the A landing about on my forehead....get it Mica ;)
4. I was thinking of ways I could try and hide and blend in, different outfits or cultural garb, I thought I could dress like a nun with a habit, my mom suggested Amish gear, then I thought I could wear a Burka, but then figured people would think I was a terrorist if I wore a Burka around here. (ugh for ignorance!)  
5. I could dress like a sports buff and wear a helmet, lol
oh my gosh I'm sure there were more, I just can't think right now, but we were laughing....

  This was a crack up, the other day I was on the phone talking to my brother in SoCal, and I looked over and my mom was standing dumbfounded with what looked like the furry lining to a Russian hat in her hand and a plastic sack in the other saying to herself "What's this?"  
I am trying to talk and concentrate while looking at her, as she again says now to me but louder "What is this?"  I realize she has clumps of hair in her hands.  I start laughing as she looks so baffled, (I'm laughing right now thinking of it) and say to her, interrupting my conversation, "That's my hair!" 
   It was so funny, when I had my hair removed (I hate saying shaved, too boyish or something) I ran in and threw it on a chair in the sack and forget about it.  I had only shown her my long ponytail and therefore she thought that was all the hair around.  Anyway it was a riot.....

  Um, I hope something in here made you laugh, and it wasn't all you had to be there stuff.....I do think it would be fun to draw black curls on my head.....turns out I like my head, that was a phew.....I instantly asked my friend if it was abnormal, but nope, just a teeny tiny scar in the front.


  1. I would have loved to have seen your mom find your hair! I kinda like betty boop curls too, for a minute.

  2. Yes, when she was had that hair in her hand and I figured it out, it was hilarious....and the Betty Boop curls would be good, but I just know they would streak, lol!