Sunday, October 30, 2011


All in all this third treatment went pretty well.  I still have a few days of likely not feeling tip top, but the pain patch has seemed to work out well, and though I have had nausea it's been bearable.  I have taken naps the last couple days and am feeling pretty tired right now.  The most I'd feel in the next few days would be the above mentioned symptoms, but I am hoping not.
  I just read this written by Steve Job's sister, it's a very nice eulogy..   I thought I would add it in here because Steve had cancer, and I really liked the end of it, his last words..... I don't know a whole lot about him, but have been hearing more lately, he contributed a ton to Apple, anyway I just found it on google+, the link...

  Anyway, it was a nice weekend with friends and family~ I am in reading, snuggling down mode right about now.

 I am happy because I gave this link to someone who also has cancer and that person has been able to skim through this blog.  :)