Friday, November 11, 2011


I just awoke from a nap... I am feeling some fatigue from the chemo right now.... I am not exactly sure how many treatments I have left. I thought more than likely four, we'll see, maybe eight, who knows.  I just found this picture online, kind of fun~ I had rainbow socks on today :)  I hope everyone's day was great!


  1. double check with doctor, it should be 6-8 treatment, as i understand standard unless they not happy with scans.....

    this is beutiful photo. there is so much going on there. each time to look and dream of new things! love it!

  2. I thought it was a positive and happy picture... :)

    I will double check, I am confused now, but I thought maybe she said six rounds which would mean 12 treatments...and I can't remember exactly, but I will ask her again on Tuesday or Wednesday...

  3. Bet u were looking sexy in the sox lol��

  4. Thanks Neil for my socks!!! I love them :) And I get compliments on them as well, lol