Saturday, November 26, 2011


  This treatment has been a bit tiring, maybe more so than usual, I'm not sure.  I am looking forward to getting further away from this last round, I should feel more on top of it by Monday likely.  I tried to go shopping a couple days ago and started having these horrible hot flashes, then thought they were going to graduate into a panic attack.  Needless to say my purchase was more of an impulse purchase, with me not thinking straight.  Hot flashes likely due to the chemo messing with my hormones..
  Anyway I did have a great time going out with friends the other night.  I was so tired that I went to the last resort of an energy drink, not so good.  It was nice to see friends, and catch up.  At one of my old favorite bars, and I have to ask myself why it's a fave, I will always ask myself why on those bars, but they will likely always hold a special place in my heart.   (cheezy but true)
  I will be glad when this cancer chapter is done in my life.  Of late it has left me feeling vulnerable, which also could be the chemo in my system.  Staying positive is not always easy, but over all it's the way to be.  I have slept for like 12 hour increments.  A wee bit on the lazy side, I can't wait until I look back on all of this in my life (when it's OVER)...and I have a very strong feeling that's how it will work out, this was my journey I had to experience, and then I feel it will be over.  And all those that believe that an event like cancer does change you, I believe that they might be right.  Now I'm not saying, it changes me from sinner to saint, haha, that would be rich.... not like that.  Oh you know what I mean, though in the beginning I think people had some sort of preconception that somehow I would drastically transform.  I was sort of like I just have cancer I'm not getting a brain transplant, or some such thing...


  1. you are almost done!good job!

  2. God Willing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)