Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cat Scan Results & Chemo #5

 Yesterday was the magic day for my cat scan.  I love the fact that I didn't wear a bra with a wire, so I didn't have to wear a gown.  I did the usual, breathe in and hold your breathe so they could get pictures.  As I was lying there I did begin to get emotional inside.  And the contrast that they put in my veins, is suppose to get warm, but it got so, so, warm for a bit, that it was uncomfortable. I'm not really a wimp when it comes to most poking and prodding, I've had so much of it, blood draws and what not.  Anyway when the cat scan was done, the tech gave me a cotton ball to hold over where the IV had been removed, a few seconds seemed adequate to me, but nope, blood started running down my arm, a couple splats on the floor.  I asked if they were different needles then used for blood draws...yep.   The pictures above are of barium, which is what I had to drink before hand.  And hours and a half or so.  I was told it's ground up rock.  That berry flavor tasted like drinking scented shampoo.  The other tech said he had never heard that before.  Or cheap perfume, something soapy...
  Today was chemo day number 5.  I also got the results back of my cat scan.  They are really positive, it looks like most of the cancer is gone, and what's left isn't a lot.  I'm thinking I have 3 more chemo treatments, which would be AWESOME, but I have to wait until the first week of January or so when I get a pet scan to know if I'm done with chemo.

Then when that's done it will bring me to radiation treatments for 6 weeks.  Today the nurse was telling me that the first one is usually longer, and they are usually about 15 minutes... So I'm staying in the moment.  Today's chemo went fine, though I kind of get icky feelings about it at points, or I had this feeling like I just wanted to get up and walk out, maybe because I knew I had to sit there until the bags emptied....

  Anyhow, that's my update on my first cat scan since beginning chemo, and chemo #5 :)


  1. I'm so happy your results were good. I have been praying they would be. Thank God. Now you can thank God too and wash that awful barium taste out of your mouth and replace it with pumpkin pie. You've had quite a year but lots to be thankful for. I beleive your chemo will be over soon. Have a great holiday!!!

  2. after #5 the end is near! congratulations on the test results you almost there! keep up good work!

  3. Thank you both!!! things are looking up <3!