Monday, November 14, 2011


  Tomorrow and it will have been a week since chemo.  I was going to call chemo, nemo when I started all these treatments, but that would have had everyone confused.  Well nearly everyone.  Anyway I want to know how many nemo treatments I have left exactly.  Is it 4 or is it 8? That's the difference of a couple months, as well as the obvious, more treatments.  I have this feeling it will be 8 left, which really does not sound fun, because after that is radiation.  This is nuts, all of it, as I think of it, just stupid crazy, lol.  Or she (one of my oncologists) may say, if your scan looks good then only 4.  I was so excited thinking I was half way done.  I don't want to lose the positive (for the most part) roll I have been on, but patience is one of my weakest areas.  I suppose it will all work the way it is suppose to.  This last week has been ok, mild nausea at times, and fatigue to be sure.  Nothing I can't handle, so that's good.
  So my mosaics I definitely need a lot of practice.  I used black grout, with the wrong colored little glass stones, and what a mess, it looks like stuff that was pulled out of a fire pit that was burnt to shit.  Oh well, practice is what I need, and bright colors against black...and probably to be doing that art project in the summer as it's messy.
  My wheat grass seeds are on a three shelved rolling tray, and they look to be breaking open.  The owner of the store gave me like 25 pounds worth of seeds, he said they were a little old, so I'm hoping they sprout the grass, right now it's the root popping out.  This is the trial run, once I have grass I'll take pictures.  I have been keeping myself busy with things like that, and garage sales are still happening!!! And spending time with people here and there.  Also, I forgot to mention, I am on a fruit and veggie dehydrating kick, I LOVE IT!!!  And have been drinking crazy smoothie combo's, pumpkin, banana, avocado, etc...My friend gave me a pumpkin and I used nearly every part, just like a buffalo :)
   I am also still meditating, and exercising lightly, now I will incorporate some mindfulness exercises into the day more so than I had been doing.  There are reasons to these rhymes, a healthier body, mind, and spirit.  Ahh but the world is going to end next year so I don't need to over exert myself.....HA! just playing....


  1. Find my good garage sale stuff

  2. Lol! You have to look yourself, that's the fun of it Neil :)