Tuesday, November 8, 2011

21 Minutes

  Alright! 4 more chemo's if all goes as well.  Then on to radiation. 1/2 way done with chemo.  Today was nice, because I met someone not so much younger than I to b.s. with while the bags dripped on.  It was a crazy busy day, I'm not about to list everything I got done today, and even some stuff after chemo, an appointment, car stuff, ......
  I really enjoyed this morning before my quick workout.  I meditated for 21 minutes.  My mind is crazy, but there were some still moments, and in those still spaces a clear thought would eventually appear, a thought of substance, (not all mine are, lol) and then a little voice I felt, telling me to say it out loud.  Why not? So I did.  They were positive, strong and loving words.  I had a range of emotions, that happened in those 21 minutes as my mind went here and there...Sad a bit of it, all in all love the antidote....
   I am also about to embark on mindfulness, this seems like an easy concept, be mindful of the now in detail and in it's completeness...I have done this before, and it's difficult to stay with.  It keeps you rooted in the now, where as I view meditation as more of a pulling back, seeing the space between the ships in your minds eye as they float by...(I'm not an expert on either of these things, that's why I am back at learning them, so I won't go on and on like I know all that I am talking about.)  Point being, meditation, and mindfulness I think are very important.  Bringing awareness to behaviors to see what motivates me....Or to find some peace, a little bit of calm within...

  What's crazy cool about life is I see that I don't know everything that is going to happen, for a long time I felt I did, well life throws you curve balls.  At times their horrid, and every now and then, a little bit of amazing happens....Even with the seemingly horrid curve balls, if you hold it up to the light, it will have a bright side,  ok this is getting nearly a bit cliche style....

And before I forget, my lab today came out rockstar, aces!!!!! great blood going on! I am no longer anemic, at least not now :)  White blood cells off the charts~ :)

I am posting this song that I love for a friend of mine.....she cant' get the link to work, so I'll put it right here..... for you my friend!!!!


  1. congratulations on being 1/2 done! just a little bit more...the light at the end of the tunnel

    medidation is great! what about aromatherapy?

    song is powerful! i love it!

  2. It's exciting!!! Aromatherapy would have not been so good the first week of chemo for me personally but I do love aromatherapy, especially for calming effects...

    I know I love that song too!!! :)

  3. I am so glad this is going well for you! I never even got to show me health! Love you M you are one awesome chick, mindfulness is very important.

  4. Thank you, and me too, and I love you to...I'm getting to the mindfulness, hehe, ok working on it a bit.... you never got to show me your health? <3 <3 <3

  5. remember when I was telling you show me beauty, health was coming. That was before I knew you were dealing with this cancer crap or I would have started with show me health!