Monday, November 7, 2011

Kale Chips & Meditation

  Ok, so I'm getting back on track with my diet and incorporating some exercise back into my life.  I am really excited as my dad got me a wheatgrass juicer which should be here by Wednesday.  I also finally got a food dehydrator, which I am loving!  I can't find kale chips anywhere in this city so I made my own!  I would like to move towards a raw foods diet, but that's a bit unrealistic.  After being exposed to "Diet For A New America," years ago I have gradually made positive changes over the years.
   When I found out I had cancer all that went out the window.  I hadn't eaten at say McDonalds in four years, was sober for two, gluten free (though was easing up on that), hadn't smoked a cigarette in quite some time, basically quite healthy, well seemingly so. I do have cancer after all. (that they have no explanation what causes this type, huh? ok.)
  When I was growing up I was fed dried fruit and quite nutritionally.  Anyway this dehydrator makes me think of my childhood.
  I have known for quite some time that an alkaline diet helps greatly with cancer, BIG TIME, here's a link, one of zillions, .  Though I won't turn my diet over completely, I would like to work in a positive direction.  I guess after nearly two months of knowing I have cancer, I am finally ready to kick in.  I don't want to have this experience more than once.
  Ahh but I do have spiritual views, and realize I am not in control of the outcome of every little situation.  I figure if I'm proactive things just may go smoother.  I'm not ready to ditch coffee, it's acidic on the ph scale but I can minimize, and boost in other ways on the alkaline scale, etc.  I heard recently from this movie trailer about cancer, that your body is like a fish tank, the ph needs to be balanced on the insides for optimum health.  (Something along that line)   Makes sense to me.
   I could go off on nutrition type things forever, but the overall point is that I'm moving in a positive direction.
  Also, one time I went to this sitting/walking meditation class, it was SO hard, I mean insanely difficult for me.  I thought I might lose my mind.  Well I have decided to sit at home again, just concentrating on breathing for now, then maybe incorporate some more exercises later.  I have always made meditation so difficult, as if I had to do it perfectly.  Truly if I can center myself for just a bit, then I'm happy.  I am not interested in going back to that class, I'm telling you it was rigorous!
  I'm so excited, I am trying to copy Trader Joe's long sliced bananas that they dehydrate halfway or so, they aren't crunchy, they are chewy and so good!  Oh and about the wheatgrass it truly is an amazing food, other sprouted grasses are as well I think.  I got into it years ago, then forgot about I'll be a grower :)
  Life is good, I'm back in my natural groove so to speak, well not entirely, I do have chemo tomorrow, but it will be ok.  #4
P.S. I don't believe in dieting (an occasional detox perhaps) I do however believe in changing your way of eating in a realistic way for the better.  Also it doesn't have to all happen over night, at least that's my way of thinking.  I don't know why I wrote that in bold print.


  1. i believe in body is telling you what you need for your body & well being. lots of time we don't listen but i keep trying.

    from natural stuff i totally love to make in the juicer apples, some celery, and carrot-very refreshing!

  2. My favorite juice is carrot apple lemon, I love juicing, my wheatgrass juicer should be here today! I am so excited!!!

    I even cooked the pumpkin my friend gave me and have been making smoothies with it and other stuff in the smoothie, and I even baked it, now I will dehydrate the seeds in my dehydrator.... Lots of zinc in the seeds. I'm getting into it, lol...

  3. You will be healthier than me in about a week. you guys are makin me run for the pop tarts!

  4. I'm thinking about getting a juicer. Also u look great with the new hair color and u still have that beautiful smile through everything :)

  5. @Ellen, oh I'm just getting back at this healthy diet, and kicking it up a notch, lick the inside of one of those pop tarts for me, :)

    @Neil, yeah I just got my wheatgrass juicer in the mail, now I need to get growing, this one will juice anything green, so I'm excited, and thanks about the brunette's fun to switch it up a bit! and I am still smiling, and even laughing too :) I hope you are doing awesome!!!! Let me know what kind of juicer you go with if you buy one, that Omega one looks cool, that's not the full name, but yep....